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Berdoa untuk Pdt.Timothy Eckert

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Sekolah Alkitab Talitakum (STAT) - Sulsel
Tonight at about 1 am I woke to the dogs barking. I thought the kids must be back that have been stealing the fruit. I went outside and waited. Sure enough, coming down the drive way is a group of guys, late teens early twenties. I just set and watched. They took a lighter to the tree, not sure if they were looking for the fruit, or trying to burn the tree because it hasn't had fruit for days. When I started towards them, they all started to run and yell "Bule" (which means white person) and then yell in Indonesian the word for "Thief" which we have yelled at them on a number of occasions. So without shoes, i walked down the gravel road following them into the village here. One person was squatted down as a look out. He took off running and I took off after him. There were either three or four motorcycles waiting and all fired up and took off out of the village. I waited to see if they would come back, and they did. They saw me and stated driving aound the blocks yelling in English "come on". One took the wrong road and I was able to grab ahold of him. I was going to drag him back to the house and call a police officer friend of mine when the others started to approach me with the 2X2 pieces of wood they had acquired. Only one was brave enough to try to attach me, and as he swang and missed and started to stumble, I let go of the guy that I had and tried to grab ahold that guy. That's the last I remember. Evidently, someone hit me across the face with a piece of wood. Busting open a gash at my temple and my upperlip clean through. I woke up with a lot of people around me and stumbled home. Thankfully there were some people who saw the kids and knows where they live. My intention was not to make them pay for what they've stole, but to stop them from coming on to our property so that when I wasn't here, my wife would feel safe, and not have to sleep with all the kids in one room with a machete. Please pray this to be resolved and God glorified through it all.

Sekolah ini belum memiliki Pagar keliling pengaman, sehingga akses keluar masuk dapat terjadi dengan leluasaMari kita mendukung dan berdoa agar pagar sekolah ini dapat di bangun.Tuhan akan mendengar akan seruan doa.
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